Ed M. – Red Hook, NY

Will from Ideal Water was over my house this morning to install our new water softener. Will was right on time, 8am as promised. He was courteous and professional. The workspace wasn’t exactly conventional however the installation was still quick and painless (about 90 minutes) Will took special care to be sure that it wasn’t too messy when the water drained from the pipes; in fact my daughter makes a bigger mess on bath night!!
My wife called me at 9:30am and said that she already felt a huge difference in the water texture. Difficult to describe, just different!
We had previously called “brand x” for a quote and although we didn’t encounter any problems with them, we just felt more comfortable contracting a specialist as opposed to a generalist. In fact, when you boil it down, the specialist vs. generalist issue was the most important issue to me and my wife. The fact that the price was 30% LOWER with Ideal Water was just icing on the cake, we would have used their services even if the price was higher!

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