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Absolutely no obligation.

Upon request, Ideal Water will come out to your home or business to sample the water. This sampling is done free of charge with absolutely no obligation. In fact, since Ideal Water does not have any commission based sales personnel, the sampling process is very simple. We arrive at the location, draw the sample, look at the potential installation site, answer whatever questions you might have, and then we are on our way. We bring the sample back to our lab, test it, and give you the results and a recommendation, even if it’s on Sunday. (Provided that’s ok with you.)

You are looking for water treatment, not someone to consume your afternoon or evening with a high-pressure sales pitch.

Ideal Water routinely tests for the following properties:
Hardness, Iron, pH, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Nitrates, Sodium, Hydrogen Sulfide, Manganese, Dissolved Oxygen, Total and Free Chlorine