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Water Softeners

Ideal Water builds our water softeners in-house; sourcing the best products, and controlling the assembly allows for the highest quality to be delivered to the consumer. Assuring you that the system you get from Ideal Water will be extremely efficient and provide you years of service.

Iron/Sulfur Removers

Ideal Water offers a couple of different methods of removing heavy iron and sulfur from the water. Depending on your water quality and your specific goals to be achieved, we will build the right product for you.

UV Sterilizers

Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is a highly effective means of neutralizing microbes without the use of chemicals. If you are on a private water supply, it is your responsibility to ensure your water’s safety. Installing a UV system on a municipal water supply provides peace of mind when aging municipal infrastructure fails.

Carbon Filters

Regardless if you are to self-install or if you have it professionally installed, whole house carbon filtration will enhance the quality of your water, while prolonging the life of your water softener as well as other fixtures within the home. Most importantly having a whole house carbon filter will remove 99% of the chemical contaminants in your water, including the chlorine from a municipal source and the disinfection by-products which are a result of the chlorination of your water.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis systems bring the highest quality of water into your home. After removing up to 98% of contaminants from the water, you are left with clean, crisp and refreshing drinking water. RO water tastes better, makes clearer ice cubes and enhances the flavor profile of tea and coffee.

DIY Systems

Ideal Water recognizes that some people like to do their own work, have a plumber, or someone in the family install the equipment for them. That’s great. Our Onyx line of products allows you to get a high-quality product at a substantially discounted price. We build it and program it – you pick it up and install it.

pH Systems

Acidic water is detrimental to a home’s plumbing and fixtures. The corrosive water will leach copper from the piping system and deteriorate the internal components of fixtures throughout the home. Ideal Water can build the right solution to correct the problem.

Filters & Cartridges

There are two popular sizes for filter housings and cartridges, and we have them. We stock 20 and 5 micron filters, as well as, granulated activated carbon filters. We have filters which can be filled with specific media depending on your needs.


We stock many of the chemicals and different media utilized in water treatment. From solar salt to well sanitizer, we have what you are looking for under one roof.


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