rust remover

A product that removes rust stains from fabrics, dishwashers, and other washable surfaces, such as bathrooms, kitchens, tea kettles, dishes and glassware, and wherever water comes in contact. Most commonly, these materials are composed of reducing agents (such as sodium hydrosulfite) or acid products, and may be in liquid, powder, or gel form. During laundering, some rust removers may be used in the regular laundry cycle or for presoaking. They may also be useful for miscellaneous stain removal, such as removal of dye-bleeding. Rust removers made to remove rust, scale, and lime deposits from the inside of dishwashers are a combination of acids. Used periodically as needed, they are added at the beginning of the main wash cycle (no dishes or other cleanser present) and are allowed to remain through the balance of the cycles.

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