Stenner Chemical Injection

When heavy removal of sulfur and/or iron is necessary, or bacteria is also present in the water, chlorine may be the best way to go.  Although Ideal Water recognizes the potential benefits of chlorine, there tends to be additional costs and maintenance of such systems.  We recommend these systems as a last resort for residential applications, but they sometimes are necessary.

Ideal Water uses Stenner pumps as the injection pump of choice.


Stenner Pump Specifications

The Classic Series Single Head Adjustable Pump is an ideal choice for treating problem water.  Stenner pumps allow for simple maintenance by the homeowner which reduces operating costs.  Fully adjustable, Stenner pumps allow for precision dosing, while providing years of reliability. When chlorinating residentially, a large contact tank and carbon filter are normally installed to provide adequate contact of the chlorine with the water and then the removal of any unused chlorine.  These components require additional maintenance, as well as upfront costs.

Some Features

  • Interchangeable pump heads and tubes to convert one model to another without having to purchase a new pump.
  • Easy and fast tube replacement without tools with the QuickPro® pump head.
  • The pump is built with three detachable components; the motor, feed rate control and the pump head that can be separated without tools.


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